Partner stroi
A developer that combines the comfort of living in the country and advantages living in the urban
website for a residential complex, photo/video, content marketing, all things digital
All residential complexes of Partner-Stroi follow a concept of "houses no higher than pines", meaning low-rise blocks. We talked to people already living there to gain inspiration for visuals and content strategy. As a result, we took on the concept of neighborhood and community as a basis for our work. All visual campaigns pursue the idea of uniting people, living in comfort and lacking of fuss, because that's the way it actually is.
From that point, it was easy to follow this concept, as we didn't have to create the image — we just needed to capture it.

creative director
art director
content creator
digital strategy master
idea, design, website,
content, digital promotion
Aleksandr Suchkov
Aleksandr Schetinin
Sem Belov
Nina Shvetsova
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Elizaveta Egorova